It sells vertical and horizontal waste presses and acts as an intermediary with companies specialized in plastic and paper collection services.

We also sell HDPE BOWLS / BINS, with or without lid, for waste collection with PSV certification.

Hygienic HDPE PALLETS in both virgin plastic and 100% regenerated plastic, with UN ADR certification.

Presses for waste, containers and pallets

Through the use of the press it will be possible to reduce the volume of your waste, and once the bales have been created, through the agreement with specialized companies, it will be possible to collect your paper, plastic and wood, quantifying the value per kg, based on at the current market value.

Pressed Big Bag

Vertical hydraulic press:
compacting machine suitable for a wide range of waste

Our press combines power and speed. Each pressing cycle lasts less than a minute and produces bales up to 250 kg.

An ideal solution for all companies that need to compact medium-large volumes of waste quickly. Perfect solution for:

  • Logistics Centers and Large Distribution (GDO)
  • Commercial establishments, supermarkets, automotive, manufacturing industry.

Main features of the vertical press

The vertical press is a high performance machine for compacting a wide range of materials in total safety.

It produces compact and uniform bales, with volumes designed for traditional euro pallets. Easy handling and high safety levels.

Boxes and

Bodies in HDPE

100% recyclable

We sell BOXES in polyethene, HIGH density HDPE from 300 to 610 liters, LIGHT and HEAVY INDUSTRY.


100% Recyclabe

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