Airtape Adhesive

Packaging tape is a fundamental element for shipping, and it cannot be missing in stock.

Thanks to King Distribution you can buy all the packaging tapes useful for your business, choosing quantities and colors (transparent, white, brown, colored) in mini packs or for intensive use.
We supply complete kits including rolls and dispensers.

Airtape is a latest generation adhesive tape, characterized by a thickness of only 19 µm (market standard 25-28 µm). Ideal for multi-sector applications, it offers various advantages:

ECOLOGICAL: 100% recyclable, lower CO2 emissions, thanks to the reduction of raw materials used and the greater quantity of conveyed belt for the same weight and volume. Reduction of waste by 30%;

ECONOMIC: less storage space, reduction of transport costs, reduction of eco-tax (CONAI type);

PERFORMANCE:  perfect adhesion and grip on cartons, UV resistant, silent unwinding for manual application with dispenser, easy unwinding for application on automatic taping machines;

EFFICIENT: longer rolls of equivalent weight and diameter, with the possibility of lengths up to 2,000 m – reduction of reel changes and reduced storage space;

SAFE: difficult to remove from packaging. Guaranteed length