The technical characteristics of the film guarantee very low weights for wrapped pallets and a high speed of application.

Also recommended for automatic machines with rotating arm or ring with high pre-stretch. It ensures great runnability, offering a significant reduction in costs and high load stability. Used to protect and stabilize pallets, pack industrial and food products.

Data sheet



PE-LD extruded in cast




In reel film wound on cardboard core of kg. 1.65


Int. Diam.


7.6 cm




Opaque white


Reel size


Reel band max. 43 cm




2500 linear meters




10 micron


Residual pre-stretch


20% guaranteed during use


Reel weight


11.65 kg




n. 80 loose reels per platform


Platform dimensions


base cm 100×120; max height 1.76 mt