TD7 Portable Marker

The portable marker extremely versatile, designed for offline machining.

The TD7 recognizes the type and color
of inks (water based and base
solvent) automatically to compare the parameters and ensure
perfect markings.
The cartridges can be installed in the way
autonomous, just enter them manually
inside the practical accommodation.

The head is not subject to costs of
maintenance because once replaced
the cartridge will come automatically
also replaced the latter
In addition to the classic use by Software or
key, the marker can be
used directly through the practical
4.3 “Touch Screen
enter the desired messages for then
immediately transfer them to the product.

This marker can report
progressive numbers, alphanumeric codes,
serial numbers, expiration dates or
production, logos, variable data
and QR Code.
With the use of different inks yes
can get markings
perfect on cardboard, plastic products
PET, HDPE), pipes, cables, metals and so on.