Packaging Products

We are able to offer you different types of products:

Film for Manual and Machinable Packaging, both intended for the safe wrapping of your product.

By using our Film, we make you reduce the amount of plastic used on each platform!

Manual Film

The manual stretch film is elastic and tear resistant. It allows an excellent fixing of the pallets during transport or storage of packaging. Transparent to facilitate the identification of the contents of the pallets, the reading of barcodes or other accompanying documents. They require minimal application effort.

"Improving characteristics of our Film compared to the Traditional."


Our film allows space saving in storage; allows speed of application with less effort; is available in transparent colors, white, black or according to specific needs for quantity and quality.


The lightness of the coils and less effort for the application due to the pre-stretched film allow application on pallets with times less than 30% . Low thickness with reinforced edge.


Less weight of material to be recycled after use. This means environment cleaner and less air pollution with an undisputed advantage for everyone!


Our film contains more than double meters per reel, and that it allows economic savings guaranteed for the same number of packages made.
Cost Reduction in the Packaging item, with maximum safety of your Pallet.

Ecology and recycling

We have created a circular economy.

Plastic and cardboard, discarded by our customers, once crushed with small PRESSES and transformed into bales, are collected by our partners, valorised with remuneration to the customer who produced this waste; once they arrive in the company they will be processed and transformed again into bags and more..

By pressing the waste inside the company, the movements of the same are reduced!


"Efficient Solutions for Coding and Marking of Your Products."

Our MARKER can report progressive numbers, alphanumeric codes,
serial numbers, expiration or production dates, logos, variable data and QR Code.

With the use of different inks, perfect markings can be achieved on cardboard, plastic products (PET, HDPE), pipes, cables, metals and so on.


Our rotary table winders and machines for lower and upper taping guarantee high quality standards, are technologically advanced, reliable and, above all, easy to handle.

About Us

KING DISTRIBUTION is a company specialized in the distribution of plastic films with 15 years of experience in the industrial and logistics sector.

Our skills allow us to select the best products for an increasingly demanding market.

In addition to the traditional standard 23 my film, we specialize in the production of low thickness stretch film (e.g. 6-14 my), with reinforced edges. This product falls into the “Special Films” category.

Our warehouses located in strategic points and highly selected logistics allow us to reduce delivery times.
We are mainly present in Sardinia, Malta and Sicily where our administrative offices are located, in Acicastello in via Firenze 203, Catania.

Where we are

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